Pole Tents – The type of tent most people picture. They are made of heavier covering and require numerous side poles, one or more center poles and extensive staking along the outside. The tent is supported by the center poles and tension from ropes attached to stakes.

Frame Tents – Utilize minimal staking and no center poles. Provides clear, unobstructed interiors with an aluminum frame and either a clear or solid white top. This tent is very sturdy and attractive.

Structure Tents – Also known as a Clear Span Tent, an aluminum frame is covered with a vinyl fabric. These tents are weather-tight and great for any event. They provide a higher ceiling with 10’ sides.

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Tent sizes can vary. Depends on size of tables and everything going under tent.

Seating At Tables – 2.5 Sq. Ft. Per Person
Seating In Chair Or Standing – 6 Sq. Ft. Per Person
Add For Dance Floor, Stage, Food Tables, Bar, Etc.
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Frame Tents

White & Clear Tops Available!

Pole Tents

Structure Tents